National Convention

The national organization of the American Legion hosts its national convention in a different city each year. National convention delegates have the authority to approve changes to the Legion’s constitution and bylaws. The group is also responsible for passing programs that determine the course of the Legion, setting membership dues for the upcoming year, and electing a national commander and five national vice commanders to serve until the next convention. The 2014 convention will be in Charlotte, North Carolina - August 22-28, 2014.

National Conference

The American Legion's Washington Conference, held annually in our nation's capital gives our organization's leadership a chance to meet with elected officials to discuss legislative initiatives and priorities important to Legion members and their families. It also provides a forum that allows Legionnaires to hear from senators, representatives, and officials from the White House and Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) as they address our members at the conference. This year, the Legion is sharing its deep concerns about the effects of sequestration on national defense, the growing VA claims backlog, recent increases in TRICARE fees and co-payments, and veterans unemployment.